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Honda Africa Twin vs. Indiana Jones

Honda Africa Twin vs. Indiana Jones

by Honda UK / March 17th 2017 / Published in Honda UK - The Engine Room
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One is a championship-winning, best-selling adventure bike that’s twice as fast as a cheetah. The other is a swashbuckling adventurer with an eye for religious relics. Both can trace their heritage back to the 1980s, but only one will live to see another day. This is Indiana Jones vs. Honda’s Africa Twin.

What a load of boulder dash

How far would you say Indiana Jones’s infamous boulder chase was – 100 metres, 150 at a stretch? Whatever the distance, it was enough to make old Indy rather red in the face. Compare that with the Africa Twin, which can travel 248 miles on a single tank of fuel – that’s just about the same as 4,000 football pitches! Round one goes to Honda.

A splash of colour goes a long way

When it comes to his wardrobe, Dr Jones is remarkably unadventurous. Beige trousers, beige fedora, beige boots, beige shirt… Thankfully, the Africa Twin comes in three colours: Rally Red, Matt Ballistic Black and, our personal favourite, Tricolour – a mixture of red, white and blue. Sorry, “Junior,” one decent outfit does not a wardrobe make. Another point to the Africa Twin.

Treasure, whatever the weather

Inspired by a two-word design brief: “Go anywhere,” the forebear of today’s Africa Twin was built specifically to win the Paris-Dakar Rally. Which, in 1986, it did. And the next year. And the next. And the next after that, too. We admit, Indy’s pretty tough. But even he can’t tackle a gruelling 13,000 km rally spanning seven countries on two continents – not to mention sub-zero nights and 50°C temperatures. Crank up the heat on Indy’s middling-to-hot adventures, and we doubt he’d come away with the goods. Round three to – you guessed it! – the Africa Twin.

A hardy old beast

Whether it’s the semi-double cradle frame, the extra-long suspension or the wide windscreen, the Africa Twin is a bike that can go the distance. Shame we can’t say the same for dear old Dr Jones. If anything, his latest outing proved he had not aged gracefully: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull drew the ire of fans and critics alike, whereas the 2016 Africa Twin received praise from all quarters, including a flawless five-star score from Motorcycle News. Chalk up another point to Honda.

Costs way less than an outing with Mr Ford and Mr Spielberg

Times were tough in post-war Japan. But thanks to a husband’s love, an old hot water bottle and a little imagination, times were about to get a lot less tougher.

Costs way less than an outing with Mr Ford and Mr Spielberg

Want a Dakar Rally-ready adventure bike with best-in-the-business tech? Prices start at just £10,499. Want a whip-wielding professor with an eye for adventure? That’ll be $20 million, please. It’s up to you whether or not you think that’s good value for money, but we’d much rather take a proven speed demon for a fraction of the price.
That’s it – Honda’s Africa Twin deals a devastating knockout to Indiana Jones!