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We meet adventure biking legend Austin Vince

We meet adventure biking legend Austin Vince

by Honda UK / February 7th 2017 / Published in Honda UK - The Engine Room
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Having ditched his nine-to-five, Austin has explored some of the most remote parts of the globe on his trusty Honda motorcycle. Now he helps others to embark on their own two-wheeled adventures.

  • Did you know? Austin played a maths teacher in Channel 4’s That’ll Teach ‘Em.
  • Austin's bike A Honda CRF250L – in his own words, “A modern classic”.
  • One more thing...Austin and his wife live on a Dutch houseboat!

"If I can get one person to think, ‘Ah, that sounds like quite good fun’, I’m telling you, it is. Do it!"

Austin Vince - Profile

Biography Austin Vince was born in 1965. The youngest of six children, he attended a prep school in Harrow before moving to London’s Mill Hill School at the age of thirteen. It wasn’t until 1984, when Austin was travelling in Iran, that he discovered a passion for motorcycling.

Since then, he’s been an Army Cadet, Civil Engineer, maths teacher, actor, presenter, director and motorcycle adventurer. He’s embarked on several motorcycle expeditions, including a ‘Mondo Enduro’ trip that was picked up by the Discovery Channel in 1998. Three years later, Austin met the love of his life: famed travel writer and intrepid motorcycle adventurer, Lois Price. They now live together in Uxbridge.