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Nine motorbike tips and tricks

Nine motorbike tips and tricks to put the fun into riding this autumn

by Honda UK / October 27th 2016 / Published in Honda UK
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1. Double-check your tires in wet conditions
If it starts raining cats and dogs, just remember: get a grip. Ensure your tires can handle wet weather.

2. Wrap up
Invest in a pair of warm wristlets, gloves, or pretty much anything you can get your hands on – or in. Heated grips are great. Fleeces are a must – no need for anything fancy, just warm.

3. Watch out for deer
There are more collisions with deer in autumn than any other time of the year, so keep your eyes peeled – especially at dawn and dusk.

4. Use a trickle charger
Use a trickle charger, aka “optimiser”, to maintain your bike’s battery so it doesn’t run out of juice on a cold night.

5. Clean your calipers
Brake pad residue that builds up in wet weather can affect your stopping power, so ensure you clean your calipers regularly.

6. Look out for leaves
The coming of autumn guarantees one thing: leaves. Lots and lots and lots of leaves. Which might be great for moody Insta-snaps, but not so great for grip. So look out on country roads.

7. Clean lights with baby wipes
Baby wipes are great for cleaning your lights when you’ve hit a patch of rain – and they’re just as good for your saddle, chrome and paintwork.

8. Wear a reflective jacket
Black leathers. Stylish? Yes. Safe? Not so much. Due to shorter days, fog, rain, etc. in autumn and winter, motorcyclists are a lot less visible. So fix up, look sharp and wear a reflective jacket.

9. Safety first
Last but not least, here are the top three rules for riding in adverse weather conditions, courtesy of Simon Carter, Motorcycle Sales Manager for Northwest Honda: “1) Maintain a longer braking distance; 2) stick to smoother lines when cornering; and 3) be soft on the throttle.” Remember: safety first.